Would you like to cry on my shoulder

I know that life is not always great, and sometimes it is nice to have a shoulder to cry on. When I broke up with my boyfriend, or rather he walked out on me, I ended up crying on a shoulder of a lovely man. He has since become one of my best dates at https://charlotteaction.org/ilford-escorts Ilford escorts, and we are now really good friends and dating partners at the escort agency in Ilford.

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Unfortunately, the first time we met, I had just broken up with my boyfriend that morning. He was the first date of the day, and I arrived on his doorstep with red eyes and even a redder nose. Being a nice sort of gent, he asked me what was wrong and I immediately burst into tears. I felt such a fool standing there crying on his doorstep like a little girl, but it did not worry him at all. Most of the other girls at Ilford escorts would probably been strong enough to handle the situation, but I am a bit of a cry baby.

A glass of wine later, I was feeling a lot better and Stephen had listened patiently to my story all of the way through. I could not believe that I was sitting on his sofa sobbing. Anyway, I stayed a bit longer than I should have done and we kind of ended up having a date. Do I need to tell you that I did not think that he would call Ilford escorts again, but the next day I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he had called.

The following evening he turned up in a rather nice car and took me to dinner. He said that I looked worn out and needed a good meal inside me. Besides he was really hungry as well. He had asked me to put jeans and a jumper on, and we drove a little bit of Ilford and went for a steak meal. That was the first time a date that I had met at Ilford escorts really seemed to care for me. He was sweet and even bought me a rose.

Well, that was kind of the beginning of our relationship. Since my very teary day as I like to call it, Stephen and I have become regulars with each others. Sometimes I cry on his shoulder as I am still a cry baby, and sometimes he moans about all of the problems in his business. I have started to drive his car and when he went away to the US on a business trip, he left it with me. I put a small dent in and cried my heart out when I had to tell him. He laughed and we went out for the day after I had washed my face and put my mascara back on. Stephen says that he loves his cry baby and I am one of the funniest girls that he has ever met. Not really what you expect to hear when you work for Ilford escorts!

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